Mark Brown – Vocals

Mark is the lead singer in The Nineties Music Experience. He also plays guitar on the Green Day classic ‘Good Riddance’.

Mark was born in the in the greatest decade ever. This means he grew up with Action Men, Pogs, Crazy Bones whilst watching cartoons such as Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Lab and Dragonball Z. He also enjoyed other 90s classics such as the Fresh Prince, Friends and the Mighty Morphin Power Pangers. His all time favourite TV show is Bottom.

Music properly struck his ears around 1998 when Take That brought out a greatest hits album. Mark purchased the album with his pocket money, he is still convinced that it is a great album. He was distraught when they split, but there was hope on the horizon.

A turning point in musical taste came when Mark was introduced to Green Day. Even now they are still his favourite band. The band also influenced him to learn guitar for years on end to later become a singer in a 90’s band (yes just a singer). Mark was often told off by his parents for rapping the words to Eminem in his bedroom or warned to turn his amp down when blasting out a Muse number.

He may be the only millennial in the band but he is 90’s through and through. He is yet to convince the others in the band how influential Shania Twain was for the Nineties.

Mark has yet to accept the fact that he will never be allowed perform ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’. Even if he gets the outfit.