Walking with the NME…… (The story so far!)

So, who are we and how did we get here? No, not the drunken ramblings of our crowd at the end of a Saturday night gig… How did NME come about and what exactly are we?

Getting the band together

It all began back in the summer of 2016, I had a fanciful notion of starting up a Britpop tribute band, covering the entire musical spectrum from Blur right through to Pulp (yeah OK, probably the narrowest definition of “spectrum” ever but still great tunes!).

A few weeks and several online adverts later and there was 2 of us…. Drummer Jon got in touch and sold himself to me like he sells his quality 8 berth caravans with robust in built chemical toilet and shower facilities.

Various potential singers got in touch promising that they were perfect for us (including one who, unbelievably, asked me to define what “Britpop” meant as he wasn’t familiar with the term. I think we could safely assume he wasn’t born for the job). At this stage it was looking like we could end up less Pulp, more Plop.

Then, a young paramedic called Mark from the wrong side of the Humber, with his gig virginity well and truly intact got in touch, suggesting he may be the man for the job, “Go forth and send us a video of you singing Roll With It” he was instructed, expecting not to hear from him again. Within 24 hours an email landed with a video attachment, he’d done it, and it sounded pretty fine to me! Audition granted and subsequently passed… (The video is locked away securely but if we ever need to blackmail Mark it’s easily accessible…)

Over the next few weeks we were joined by experienced bass player/singer Col, and guitar/keyboard musical maestro Allan (we’re still assuming that musically there must be things he can’t do but we’re still not sure what they might be…) and we found we suddenly had ourselves a band, but as yet no name….

The name

I fancied “The Britpop Scene” but turned out I was the only one who did, weeks later we then pretty much decided on “Nineties Musical Experience” before realising this could be misconstrued as a tribute to the songs from The Lion King so we dropped the “al” and from that moment we were, officially, Nineties Music Experience.

Early gigs

We made our live debut in Bridlington in May 2017, but all roads at that point were leading towards September and our scheduled appearance just before headliners “5ive” at T-Fest (or 3hree as they should now really be called), our first huge gig in front of about 5,000 festival goers, what a blast!

Col unfortunately had to leave us soon after that, but left with our great thanks as being a massive part in helping us get up and running as a gigging band. Cheers Col!

Fortunately, we had an awesome replacement waiting to come straight in! So in came Julian at the start of 2018, with the Britpop-tastic surname Gallagher, and we’ve gone from strength to strength with another solid year of gigging behind us, and hopefully plenty more still in front of us.

There’s more to the 90s than Britpop!

So what happened to that original thought of mine about being a Britpop only band? Well, the character of any band is formed from the sum of its parts, and one thing this band is not short of is ideas.

Some of these ideas are crap, admittedly, but, after discovering that Mark has penchant for rap (a term unfamiliar to me, I looked it up in the dictionary: “a type of popular music of US black origin in which words are recited rapidly and rhythmically over an instrumental backing.”, well OK, I’ll give that a try!), and lo and behold all of a sudden we’re doing everyone’s favourite Christmas Number 1 protest song Killing In The Name, EMFs Unbelievable, Scooby Snacks, and even Ice Ice Bloomin’ Baby, but it sounds great, we’re enjoying playing it all and the crowds love it so there you go!

Once you’re down that road then you might as well bring in a bit of Grunge (Nirvana), and then some Green Day, some Chili Peppers, a soupcon of Prodigy and all of a sudden you’re in no way just a Britpop band, but all the better for it!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for now, enjoy the blog, we’ll keep it updated with the continuing misadventures of NME, hope to see you at our gigs soon!

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